At the centre, we provide comprehensive assessment and therapy for children who experience a range of difficulties associated with acquiring, developing and maintaining all forms of communication.

Our extensive range of services includes help for children experiencing difficulties with understanding language, communicating using complete sentences, speech production/ articulation, stuttering and childhood apraxia of speech. We provide support for children who have difficulty learning to read, write and spell and we strongly aim to improve your child’s use of language related to social skills.

We offer a range of support for a variety of communication needs, including learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delay, disability and hearing impairment.


•  We provide individualised, comprehensive assessment for children. Following the assessment, the results and recommendations are discussed. An assessment will be undertaken at your first visit to determine how to best help your child.

•  Parent consultation will occur prior to all assessment and therapy. Written parental consent is compulsory before embarking on assessment and therapy.

•  We offer an opportunity to preschools and schools to participate in speech and language screenings.

•  Additional school services are offered. Please contact the centre for further information.


Individual and group therapy options are available. In addition, we consult with teachers, teachers’ aids, school counsellors, General Practitioners, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Paediatricians and other health and education professionals as required. Home practice activities may be provided depending on the nature of your child’s communication difficulties.

Therapy is offered according to your child’s needs and includes (but is not limited to):

•  Early language delay

•  Articulation difficulties

•  Learning & literacy difficulties

•  School age language

•  Stuttering

•  Feeding difficulties

•  Hearing impairment

•  Childhood Apraxia of Speech

•  Auditory processing difficulties

•  Autism Spectrum Disorder

•  Developmental delay